Definition 'Context Name' - is your webapp name (hence usually the unpacked directory name in the webapps). This will be used a lot in various registry documentation usually with curly brackets. The installations below have mainly been tested on tomcat versions 5.0.19-5.0.28 java1.4, 5.5.17-5.5.19 with java.1.5. But the "Manual Installation" could be carried out on other servlet/j2ee containers and would welcome success or failure stories relating to other containers. For the purpose of most instructions here the guide will refer to tomcat.

Note that tomcat 5.0 users using java1.5 has been done and requires a system property to be set:

Be sure to read the bottom section if you know your deploying this in a servlet container that will "NOT" unpack the war file. Unpacking is usually a term of unzipping/extracting the war and is something typical that tomcat does when deploying a war file. Download Location of war:

Installation Steps

Most of the work is in the configure page, for installation:

Handling Packed wars

This section is for servlet containers that do not unpack the war file. You may be able go to your Registry but it cannot make a connection to the embedded database. You must download an empty eXist that can be unzipped, and like the above directions go to your Configure page in the Registry to set your property to this new location of the database. SEE THE 3RD POINT BELOW to set a property to your database: